Every year Bob Parks Realty, LLC of middle Tennessee hosts "Christmas for the Children." Children identified by school counselors as needing some extra attention during the holidays are invited because otherwise many would not have Christmas at all. The Smyrna office has been unable to meet its fundraising goal in 2006, so Christmas may be cancelled. As a result, bloggers throughout the world are stepping up to help. Read all about it here and how you can help.
Saturday, October 14, 2006
Our first "Skate for the Children" was not the roaring success we'd hoped it would be. Although there were less than 30 people there, those who came had a great time! The owner of the skating center offered another skate night and we gratefully accepted his proposal.

So on Thursday, October 26th from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m., we are hosting a second "Skate for the Children." We are printing, compliments of Smyrna Printing, over 8000 coupons to take to the Smyrna and LaVergne schools. Mark of Drama Llama has also confirmed a firetruck from the SFD will be there. In addition, the silent auction will be a part of and end at this event.

I want to thank several people whose monetary donations have arrived:

Les Jones
Chris of CeeElCee
Jen of GlenJenBlog
Ivy's Mom
Anonymous from McMinnville

Also, my thanks again to our fellow bloggers who have posted information about "Christmas for the Children":

Drama Llama
Tennessee Redneck in King Harald's Court
This is Smyrna
Cool People Care
Big Orange Michael
Chip Manor
And Nashville is Talking

If you were unable to come and enjoy the October 10th Skate for the Children, please come to the next one on October 26th! Thank you!
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